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It’s happening!

I am announcing the official launch of the “Choose Greatness America” national campaign.

“Choose Greatness America” is designed to excite people about positive principles of free enterprise, opportunity, and useful conservative ideas. A series of public rallies are being scheduled in major cities across America that will focus on the reasons for American greatness and how those principles can build greatness and success into anyone who uses them.

Media is planned that will extend the message to millions.

This is an opportunity to move America in a dynamic conservative direction and re-ignite American greatness.

The campaign will also reach out to people in other countries who want to create success based on these proven principles.


A number of you have already helped through the early preparation for this project and now I am asking you to be a member of our newly formed “Choose Greatness Support Team.”

I am asking 100 people to give $100.00 per month for one year to provide a base of support for this operation.

For all of you who come on board, I will give you a weekly update.  In addition, this “100 club” will join me in an invitation only conference call once a month.

You can join the team by credit card on http://ronballtoday.org/Choose_Greatness_America.html  or send a monthly check to RBA, 381 Maple Ave. Prestonsburg, Ky. 41653. If you prefer, you can give the entire year’s amount by charge or check. All gifts go to RBA and are tax deductible for U.S. citizens.

If you can’t join at this time, please make a donation of any amount: http://shop.ronballtoday.org/Choose-Greatness-Donations_c5.htm

God bless you! Pray for us!


Week Four Big Announcement

We Are Getting Closer!

Next week you will receive information that unveils Ron Ball’s newly re-formatted, high performance, training program.

This program is designed for you. It is a simple, effective way for you to “move up.”

To prepare you to receive maximum and immediate benefit you will begin with the “STARTER PACK.”

The STARTER PACK is your entry into a larger world. This set will unlock your understanding of “you.” You will build your own “success profile” that will give you a roadmap to follow. This map will show you what to do next. That is why this is called the STARTER PACK. It is designed to get you started in the right direction for the fulfillment of your dreams.

In just ONE more week, you will be able to start your journey to a greater life.

Ron is a High Energy, Information Rich, Public Speaker

He has spoken live to over 8 million people in 17 countries. He is equally effective speaking to large audiences in packed-out stadiums, as well as to small, intimate groups of select leaders.

He is the author of 11 books on success and life management that have sold over one and a half million copies. Ron unleashes the personal potential of people all over the world - people skills, financial success, powerful relationships, happy marriages, amazing psychological insights, leadership - Ron does it all.

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